Thursday, 2 April 2009


Well, I eventually got around to it and have APEX running on my Macbookpro with 10GR2.
Very nice. Building up an apex application is neat when you can do it where I live.

This leaves my dev environment all set up on mac now with:
  1. SQLDeveloper 1.5.4
  2. Apex 3.2
  3. Oracle 10gr2
  4. and Java with Eclipse :)
So, ok, whats weird or unusual about this setup you ask? Speed. The database and apex responses are instant on the macbook pro, and when I'm done I can export the app and deploy it on to share it with other folks.


Laurent Schneider said...

10gR2 on MacOsX ? I thought the latest oracle database server release for MacOsX was

According to note 742060.1, platform Apple Macintosh PowerPC is obsolete. Or are you running some kind of pseudo-os in a virtual machine ?

Laurent Schneider said...

or do you have an Intel Architecture? in this case, which version did you chose?

I used to believe that MacOSX was not a platform of choice for database development, waiting for your comment :)

jpiwowar said...

Since Barry has an email address, and appears to be on the SQL Developer team, I'm guessing he has an inside track to an internal beta. ;-)

Perhaps there is still hope for us grubby Mac users!

Scott said...

Seriously, I thought that 11g was going to be the 1st Intel Oracle Database version for MacOS X!

Please tell me that there's hope for us Mac users!

- Scott -

Laurent Schneider said...

According to Metalink, 10.2 on macosx intel is planned for 2009Q1 (which ended Monday) and 11.1 is planned too.

metalink db10gR2

Barry McGillin said...

Guys, I work with Kris on SQL Developer and yeah, 10.2 is in the works for intel 64 bit.

spkv9xz9 said...
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