Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Oracle World and UKOUG

One other thing is we're revving up for Oracle world and UKOUG too, so make sure when you get there that you look us up. Dont have specific locations, but we're normally in the database campgrounds.

1.5.1 on the horizon

Since we released 1.5, we've been busy getting a few issues sorted out for 1.5.1. Most of these issues, you wont see, but when you do, they are painful. Here's a working list of what we're up to:
  1. Tightening up NLS/MB issues.
  2. Hardening some connection issues (to do with internal dependencies)
  3. Fixing some migration related issues for our customers to bring their migration projects to close to 100% successful generation.
  4. Making the Check for updates better so we can release patches more easily on this platform.
There are a load of other minor things in here, but these are the big ones We want to get out before we get really stuck into the next major release. Make sure you check out our site and if you have features you want to see go to the feature request pages